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No one could have ever prepared us for the journey of parenthood. There's so much to learn and discover and for us it's only been a little over a year. In the delusion and sleep deprivation stage of the first three months postpartum, I decided while nursing my daughter at 2:00am to search "How to launch a clothing line". 

What exactly inspired Lil Boop Boop?

Our beautiful daughter and our desire to dress her in quality garments AND the complete overwhelm of so many buttons on onesie's (and trying to button them up in the middle of the night without waking her!), constant blowouts, stains, cheap fabrics, flammable fabrics, our limited storage space to keep clothing hopefully for our next baby, and all the light colour clothing that showed stains. All of these factors inspired us to want to create our baby onesie's which are practical, gender neutral, feel good, are high quality, part of the Slow Fashion movement and have less of an impact on the environment. 

Sustainability is top of mind for us. You will notice that our apparel is Made in Canada, and that we have chosen fabrics that are made with sustainable practices.

Living in British Columbia allows us to enjoy Nature in every way and we believe we have the responsibility to give back to protect Nature.  A portion of our sales will be donated to organizations that protect our Earth. Almost everything we do as humans has a carbon footprint, however, our goal is to minimize it as much as we can. We are by no means experts, however, we believe with experience we will learn how to improve in our processes, thereby reducing our footprint. 

Where did the name Lil Boop Boop come from? When I was pregnant my husband would refer to our daughter as Boop Boop. I'm the Boo and she's the Boop. After her arrival the nickname lil boop boop stuck. 

We hope that your babies enjoy wearing our clothing! We look forward to expanding our collection and sharing with you other products that you & your Lil Boop Boop's will love! 

Lots of Love,